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Powerful Change In A Single Conversation?

How what appeared to be small talk turned into a transformative, life-changing moment... and how you can do the same ...

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The Influence Book Club

Improve your relationships and your interpersonal skills by learning from the best books on influence, persuasion, bo...

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Video Influence & Remote Rapport

Learn how to quickly establish deep rapport and to have greater influence and impact during your virtual meetings, we...

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Influence Playbook Monthly

Your mission (should you choose to accept it) is to transform seemingly small moments into times of deep, memorable i...

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Custom Personalized Hypnosis Audio Just for You

What you'll get: A 1-on-1 call with Dr. Tori to discuss the struggles and opportunities you would like to address ...

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(Not So) Difficult Conversations Masterclass

Learn to stop arguments before they even start. Turn powerful conversation tools into habits that improve your relat...

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