Influence Playbook Monthly

Your mission (should you choose to accept it) is to transform seemingly small moments into times of deep, memorable impact for the people you care most about.

Well, what if every relationship you had had a Playbook?

... and I mean every relationship

  • with your kids,
  • with your spouse or your significant other,
  • with colleagues at work, family at home, 
  • in the community.

What if all of those had a Playbook? Well, they do.

My name is Dr. Tori with Influence Everywhere. I happen to be an expert on influence, persuasion, body language and rapport.

There is a playbook for all of the things that we sort of think are small , those things where we tend to wing it. When the time comes, we tend to sort of just go through the motions.

Well, that's what the Influence Playbook is all about.

It's not a few rigid steps and it is not some broad theory. It's right in the middle.

You get the theory. You get the principles. You understand the why. But then you're given the steps in a way that is tweakable in a way that is unique to you, unique to your style and your personality and your delivery. And in a way that you're comfortable.

In the Influence Playbook, every two weeks you will get a new play. And with it, you get video, audio, mind maps, worksheets, the transcript of the text.

Then you practice over the next two weeks and then you get another play and you practice over the next two weeks and you get another play all the way.

As long as you stay a member, you have it. If you want to cancel it any time you can. So go ahead, sign up for the Influence Playbook.


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