Influence, persuasion, rapport and body language are essential aspects of absolutely every relationship we have. Mastering them happens to be the highest-yield productivity tool known to humankind.


Keynote Speaker

Engaging speaker on powerful topics. Guaranteed... In fact, Dr. Tori will return the honorarium if he is not the highest rated speaker at your event.

Influence Coach

The best performers in the world use coaches. Dr. Tori coaches professionals who want to advance their careers AND become great parents.


If you have a cardiac problem, you consult a cardiologist. If you have an influence or communication problem, you consult Dr. Tori. Organizations or individuals.

Executive Coach for Busy Parents

Dr. Tori provides high-end coaching to busy professionals who want to simultaneously advance their career to new heights AND be incredible parents.

Think it can’t be done? Then this isn’t for you.


Engaging Talks & Workshops

Dr. Tori is a highly-sought after speaker and workshop facilitator for non-profit organizations, large corporations and especially health care systems. If he is not the highest rated speaker at your event, he will return the honorarium.


One-on-One Influence Consults

You are already going to make that call, send that email, give that presentation, post that marketing piece, or send out that letter. Why not optimize it? Small, strategic edits can yield HUGE differences in results. Why not base those small changes on science and experience? That’s what you get when you get an influence consult.


Influence Inner Circle

Dr. Tori's Influence Inner Circle is only for high-achievers who want to scale the good they do in the world.

  • Improve ALL of your relationships with skills you learn in monthly training in influence, persuasion and rapport.
  • Get better outcomes at work and at home with the small tweaks and minor changes you will learn in your monthly productivity training.
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Free Micro-Course on Influence, Rapport & Improving Your Relationships (All of Them)

7 short, incredibly powerful videos that cover the most vital skills and insights you need to improve every relationship you have - family, friends, colleagues, bosses and, well... everyone.


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