Video Influence & Remote Rapport

You Don’t Have To Be Sooo Remote In Your Video Meetings

Let’s Level-Up Your Video Meetings by Increasing Your Influence and Rapidly Deepening Rapport

We all know what kind of situation we're in. Most of us are home and most of us are conducting our meetings and our interactions via video.

If you use Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, WebEx or any video meeting platform, there are a ton of courses, tips, infographics, and articles on how to setup the technical pieces. What’s missing, though?

But How Do You Master The Human Side Of Remote Meetings?

What’s missing from the information out there is - how do you establish rapport via video? How do you establish a human-to-human connection? And even more importantly, how do you influence behavior on the other side of that?

That’s What This Course Is All About

Your experience and impact on video meetings is not just about what you say. No.

You can level-up with deliberate attempts at influencing others for good, deliberate attempts at impact, deliberate body language, voice, tone.

Sign up for this course. Together, we will cover influence principles, persuasion principles, and all of the things about how to be on video and how to influence others, how to make that connection, and how to establish that rapport.

And Here's The Beautiful Part.

The beautiful part of all this is that even when our circumstances change and hopefully get back to some sort of new normal, when we start interacting with people interpersonally in face to face situations, again, everything you learn here will help you.

Everything you learn here will improve your ability:

  • to establish rapport
  • to speak publicly
  • to participate in meetings
  • to run meetings.

It will improve your ability to make that heartfelt connection for those relationships that matter to you.

Go ahead and sign up.

Just click the sign up button and I'll see you on the inside.


If you want to learn how to quickly establish deep rapport and to have greater influence and impact during your virtual meetings, webinars, video course, and remote sessions... well, this is it. Register now.


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