"Absolutely Life-Changing"

Imagine... It's now three weeks after your event, and people are still raving about it. Not only that, they're thank you forĀ how it changed their work and their lives. Make it happen.


"You blew the audience away. Results of the evaluation are ALL 5/5 for value to the listener. So I just want to send a big thanks for your time, energy and ideas. Really made us think about our influence on patients, family/friends and each other. The best talk we've had in 10 years, hands down."

Bonnie L.

"This was amazing! I do not have enough space here to even begin to explain why this touched me so much. This was funny, educational and tear jerking. I will apply this everyday in my role as a Leader not only in the behavioral health environment but also throughout my organization and at home!"

Amanda D.
Nurse Leader

"I loved your presentation!Ā  As a person who does a lot of work before small and large audiences, I appreciated your role modeling the use of humor, use of slides, use of the body as a delivery mechanism, use of stories, a willingness to personalize, etc.Ā  Something for me to aspire to.Ā  You have INFLUENCED me, Dr. Tori"

Jill W.

"Every employee should listen to this presentation! Great strategies to reframe all aspects of work, life, and all interactions."

Brian C.

Speaking Topics & Workshops

Influencing Behaviors: 7 Simple Rules

The human-human interaction is dynamic, and rapport is its flow state. This is not the place for scripts or rigid steps. Instead, use theseĀ 7 simple guiding principles in your own authentic way.Ā 

How To Write A Book In 14.7 Minutes

This workshop is on FIRE.Ā You can have your team collaborate on a book... Yes, a book... that they co-create. It's fun and powerful during the event. Better than that, though, you produce something that lasts far beyond the event.

Influencing Generations

Yes, it's a challenge - communicating and influencing others in a multigenerational workforce. But the answer doesn't lie in labels and us vs them. It's faaaar more elegantĀ (and easy) than that.Ā 

Making Difficult Conversations, Not So Difficult (Interactive Workshop)

This card game / workshop will give you and your teamĀ a suite of powerful tools to navigate high-stakes and/or high-emotion conversations.

Persuasion In The Written Word

We will steal strategies from the world of direct response copywriting to set your written communications up for success. Optimize your emails, texts, ads, proposals, and letters.

How to Sell Snake Oil... & Pitch Your Ideas (Interactive Game)

Practice powerful, persuasive speech patterns through play. This safe space to practice is absolutely hilarious.

Words Matter: Where Attention Goes, Energy Flows

The words we use impact our attention, our emotions, our memory, and our learningā€¦ and our behavior.

And More...

  • Storytelling
  • States, Frames & Patterns
  • Rapid Reframes
  • Instant Rapport Strategies
  • Non-Verbal Communication & Body Language
  • Cialdini Principles of Persuasion
  • Timing & Creating Powerful Moments Non-Conscious Influences
  • Practice Makes Permanent: Deliberate Practice for High-Performance

  • Do Real-Life Jedi Exist?: What We Can Learn From Conversational Hypnotists
  • Cognitive Biases & Other Useful (& Sometimes Harmful) Shortcuts


  • Pre-eventĀ 1-3 minuteĀ custom video to spark buzz with attendees
  • Pre-event guided discovery call
  • Pre-event Influence Consult on your event marketing materials
  • Customized keynote that creates an unforgettable experience and nails your theme
  • Custom landing page for your audience to get worksheets, a FREE micro-course, recommended reading, and more.
  • Pre/Post Event podcast with your company
  • Post-event: Custom 10-20 minute training video with accompanying PDF toĀ help attendees implement the powerful concepts and skills they learned

Webinars & Virtual Keynotes

Your team may be separated, but Dr. Tori can bring them together for engaging and empowering virtual keynotes and fun, educational presentations. Level-up your learning and level-up your relationships. Powerful and immediately actionable.


Multiple Speaking Environments & High-End Recording for Virtual Events

Frankly, we are too far into the era of virtual events to have to worry about having the right tech. When you book Dr. Tori for your events, you have a choice of multiple environments and presentation tools. Dr. Tori will work with your AV team to make sure video, sound, effects, and presentation materials are all set.


How To Book Dr. Tori

To have Dr. Tori impart powerful skills of influence to your audience, simply complete the speaking request form on his eSpeakers profile.


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