Influence Every Day

Influence Every Day

Hosted by: Dr. Ed Tori

Do you want to get to the next level in your communication? To turn everyday moments into impactful and unforgettable change agents? The Influence Every Day Show is for you if you're ready to level up every...

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004 The Body Language of Listening

Body language can be cause AND effect. For example, when we have rapport with someone, we tend to exhibit certain behaviors (matching, mirroring, eyebrow flash, etc). If we want to establish rapport, we can start by...
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003 Deliberate Practice Because Practice Makes... What?

Deliberate Practice Because Practice Makes... What? With any new skill, we begin unconsciously incompetent. Not only can we not perform the activity, but we don’t even know its relevance. A period of discovery...
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002 What We Can Learn From 2 Truths and A Lie?

What can a fun ice-breaker teach us about discomfort, misunderstanding, and anywhere our communication goes wrong? How can we take a simple game and use it to improve our most important relationships? Have you heard...
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001 Change the Frame, Change the Response

The Influence Every Day podcast will change the way you see your world. This episode introduces the idea of how frames shape our emotions and our experiences. Changing the frame and you change the world - or at least...
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