018 Patience Isn't Passive

Patience: Passively Wait or Actively Prepare?

The power of being patience has been hiding in another language. You see, patience isn’t just waiting. In this episode, Dr. Tori explores the concept of patience, contrasting its typical interpretation in English as passive endurance with its more active and anticipatory nature in the Arabic word 'Sabr'. Dr. Tori delves into how understanding and redefining patience can shift our worldview and impact our actions. By examining the root meanings of words from different languages, the episode emphasizes that patience involves preparation, taking the right action at the best time, and skill building rather than passive waiting. Dr. Tori encourages listeners to actively engage in self-improvement, seek advice, and prepare for future actions as part of practicing true patience. The discussion concludes with a call to share the insights from the podcast and to continue influencing for good every day.

00:00 Introduction to the Influence Every Day Show
00:31 Exploring the Power of Language and Word Origins
01:07 Understanding Patience in English and Latin
02:00 Discovering the Arabic Concept of Patience: Sabr
03:31 The Active Nature of Patience and Anticipation
04:06 Practical Applications of Active Patience
04:16 Building Skills and Preparing for Action
05:34 Patience in Career Building and Personal Growth
06:55 The Influence of Language on Worldview
07:17 Conclusion and Call to Action
07:22 End of Show Notes and Now Go Share

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