009 Toggling Empathy

Toggling Empathy - For Deeper Influence and A Better Path Forward


I am an empath extremist; I feel what others feel and I extend it beyond them. If it's joy, I feel it and I’m able to see its downstream implications. If it's trauma, I can see downstream, and extrapolate, and I feel that too. This is both a strength and a strength overdone.

Over the years I’ve developed the skill of toggling empathy from full on to standby, when that would be most optimal (for the person I’m talking to AND for me).

When empathy is on standby, it affords you the ability to see the positive when all is negative, and assess for negative when all is positive. If you leave it full on during negative emotions, it can be devastating. And if you leave it full on during positive emotions, you can miss a negative potential future.

Don't ever turn it off. Empathy makes us human. It makes our relationships whole. It makes us work together toward a common good.

Put it on standby so that you will still have access to it. You don't want possibility blindness. In extreme emotions we can't see other possibilities; in extreme celebration we can't see the potential dangers and in extreme negativity we can't see the potential benefits.

Feel what others are feeling, show them that better place, and help them get there. Toggle empathy from full on to standby and back again.

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