008 End-of-Life Reflections

End-of-Life Reflections


For nine years, I managed patients before and after cardiac surgery and noticed that every single person – no matter their culture, gender, age, language, or socioeconomic background – was worried about the same three things:

  1. God,
  2. Family, and
  3. How they treated other people.

At those end-of-life moments (if given the opportunity), people reflect on their relationships and how they treated others, perhaps at moments where it seemed insignificant. What do we do with those fond memories and those times of regret? Well, start now.

Who do you have to reach out to that you haven't spoken to in a while? Who should you connect with? Tell somebody you appreciate them. Thank somebody that did something for you. Imagine someone reaching out to you, telling you they were thinking about you, or talking about you, or praying for you. Those moments are gold. Don't let them slip by.

The beauty of regrets is that we can act on them by changing our behavior. Even if you can't find that person to say “I'm sorry” or if you didn't leave somebody in the best of ways and maybe they passed on, you can still treat other people better, or take a characteristic that was awesome about them and pay it forward.

Recommended Book: The Power of Regret: How Looking Backward Moves Us Forward by Daniel Pink

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