007 Two-Do Lists - Your Productivity (& Mood) Will Skyrocket

Two-Do: ToDo Lists & How To Skyrocket Your Productivity (& Mood)

Managing your to-do list has the potential to change how you respond to the world, how you show up, and even who you are. How is that possible? Your state is affected when you get things done in the right way, in the right order, and with the right energy.

Here's what I recommend:

  1. Set time aside and make sure you are alone.
  2. Brain dump everything that you have to do at home, at work, and with your relationships. Write down everything, whatever it is.
  3. Separate the tasks into two columns, one for the things you like to do and one for the things you don't.
  4. Spend time on the ones you like.
  5. Spend money on the ones you don't.

You can outsource tasks at freelancing sites. If you cannot afford that, delegate those tasks to people on your team or to somebody who happens to love doing that thing. Even if they don’t do the task for you, you will be able to learn from them. If you can’t outsource or delegate, eliminate the tasks.

Every time you have something to do, here are your choices:

  1. Do it great.
  2. Delegate.
  3. Automate.
  4. Eliminate.

Complete your to-do list by spending time on the things you like, and money on the ones you don't. That way you will be productive while spending time on the things you love.

Try it. It will transform your life.


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