11 Ways To Eliminate Distractions

I did not truly grasp the impact of distractions on our work, and our lives in general, until I began working closely with some of the premier names in Human Factors in Healthcare.

A distraction is one thing. It happens to the best of us… especially these days.

But the act of getting back on task is where the real trouble lies. There is a lag time that occurs after every interruption, an amount of time and energy we must spend to get back on task.

Think about this for a second. It’s the interruption. Not whether or not you actually tended to it.

If someone knocks on your office door and asks, “Do you have a minute?” That is the interruption… Just the act of you hearing that question is the interruption – not whether or not you gave them “a minute”.

And if you did give them that minute, the lag time on getting back to task means that you spent waaay more than a minute.

Well, there’s a time to be available for those sort of things, and there are (more) times not to be. So, how does one handle these distractions?

Simple… ELIMINATE them.

Here’s a great way – check out this 16-page free PDF (I recorded it for a friend, and decided to turn it into an audio program with an accompanying PDF). Well, it’s yours. Let me know what you think.

You can get it here: http://ProductivityPearls.com/distractions

Incidentally, when I started implementing #2 in this list of 11, it stopped everyone in their tracks.

Distraction eliminated.

Others in the office started doing something similar the moment they saw its power.

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