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Make moments magical with insight, principles, rules, and practical action steps.

Complimenting... thanking... greeting... texting... asking a favor... sending an email... de-escalating an argument... preventing an argument before it even starts... 

Continuing to do things the way you've done them will get continue to get you what you've gotten.

Isn't time to level up?

Here's What You Get:

  • Video training - every play comes with detailed training on the theory, the principles, the steps (and even missteps to avoid).
  • MP3 Audio - Use the audio to listen in the car, while you workout, etc.
  • Mind maps - See the information all laid out for you in a way that's easy to digest.
  • Infographics - At-a-glance steps for each play for quick reference.
  • Comics - Quick, memorable, meme-like descriptions of each play.
  • Text/Ebook - If you don't want to watch or listen, you can read it.
  • Worksheets - Sometimes, it helps to work through it .

Get all of this, every two weeks! But more importantly... you'll see your relationships improve... all of them.

Check Out These Additional Bonuses

(For your most important relationships, these are priceless... and would normally cost over $1200.00)

BONUS #1: Influence For Good -

10 Tools for Hypnotic Influence

  • This course makes it simple to understand the behavior change tools hypnotherapists use in conversation.
  • Insert potent suggestions and "hypnotic gifts" of positive change completely under the radar.
  • Turn EVERY conversation into growth for you and for them.

BONUS #2: Video Influence & Remote Rapport Masterclass

  • This course makes it simple for you to excel in your online meetings and presentations.
  • Quickly and confidently establish deep rapport in your video communications.
  • Stand out and level up your success whenever you communicate on- or off-camera.

BONUS #3: Influence Coaching Session with Dr. Tori

  • This 1-hour consultation gives you the keys to get expert answers to (and practice for) your most pressing communication challenges.
  • Confidently step into that next important interaction with the skills to succeed.
  • Elegantly address your most pressing communication needs to achieve success

BONUS #4: Full 24/7 Access to Dr. Tori's Influence AI Clone!!!

  • Dr. Tori's Influence AI clone is not just a custom GPT. It is a mind-blowing version of Dr. Tori available 24/7 for your questions about influence, communication, and behavior change.

  •  It is trained on all of Dr. Tori's talks, workshops, frameworks, and domains of expertise. 

  •  Dr. Tori charges over $500/hr for his influence consults (oftentimes much more). Well, Dr. Tori's clone is like having an influence consult ready whenever you need it. Right there. On your phone - in Dr.Tori's voice, or as an SMS, or WhatsApp.

  •  Game-changer.

Those "Small Things" Aren't Small At All

You can go on keeping them ordinary, or you can get the Influence Playbook Monthly and  completely transform those moments and your relationships.

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